Sign Up Form Installation Guide

You can create a sign up form  on your Facebook Page by following simple steps below: Step 1: Installation signup_1  
  • Add one or more Facebook pages for installation
  • Click “Create contact form” to get started
signup_3 ​ ​ ​ Step 2: Settings
  • Basic information:
    • Fan Pages: choose a Fan page to create new form
    • Name: Input name of your form
    • Description: describe/explain more about your form
    • Start Date/ End Date: click Calendar icon to select the date
    • Timezone: select timezone as standard one for your form
    • Insert Google Analytics ID and Emails of moderators for further data analysis
    • Click Save & continue
  • Submission form
    • Select "Showed" if you want to collect this kind of information from participants
    • Select "Required" if you want to set up this kind of  information as obligation
    • Input "Terms & Conditions" of your form
    • Thank you message: what you want to say to participants after submission
signup_5 signup_5a  
  • Theme settings:
    • Banner image: Upload an image as banner of your sweepstakes.
    • Banner link: input URL which banner redirects to
    • Fan Gate: if users are required to "Like" your Facebook page before entering  , this image will be shown with a "Like" button.
sigup   If you want to customize form design or its functions on your demand, please contact us.
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