Social Store Installation Guide

You can set up a social store on your Facebook Page by following simple steps below: Step 1:  Installation ss_1  
  • Choose Facebook Page for installation, click "Add Page Tab " to continue. ​
  • Click "Create new store" to get started​​
ss_3   Step 2: Create new store
  • Fan Page: select Facebook Page to create new store
  • Store name:​ input name of your store
  • Insert Google Analytics ID and Emails of moderators for further data analysis
  • Create new product:
    • Click "Create new product" to add product to your store
    • Input Product name (required) , SKU and Decription of your product (optional)
    • Select Public category (required) to show your produt in publishing
    • Select or create Store category (required) for your product
    • Product image (required): upload an image of your product, max 1 MB
    • Input Price of your product
    • Input Original Price: input full price if your product is sold at a discount
    • After created, products will be in "Shown" status. Here you can edit/hide/delete it.
    • Click "New Product" to add next product to store
ss_8a   If you want to customize store design or its functions on your demand, please contact us.
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