Sweepstake Installation Guide

You can set up a basic Sweepstake for your Facebook Page by following simple steps below: Step 1:  Installation Sw_1  
  • Choose a specific Facebook Page for installation, and then click "Add Page Tab".
  • Click "Create Sweepstakes" to get started
sw_3aStep 2: Create sweepstakes
  • Basic information:
    • Fan Pages: choose a Fan page to create sweepstakes
    • Name: Input name of your sweepstake
    • Description: explain more about the promotion and its prizes
    • Start Date/ End Date: click Calendar icon to select the date
    • Timezone: select timezone as standard one for your sweepstakes
    • Insert Google Analytics ID and Emails of moderators for further data analysis
    • Fan Gate settings: tick the box if users are required to "Like" your Facebook page before entering sweepstakes.
    • Award: you can set up how many codes participants will get when they invite one friend successfully. The more codes they get, the more chances they can win prizes. This feature makes sweepstakes more viral.
  • Submission form:
    • Select "Showed" if you want to collect this kind of information from entrant
    • Select "Required" if you want to set up this kind of  information as obligation
    • Input "Terms & Conditions" of your sweepstake
    • Thank you message: what you want to say to participants after they complete submission form.
  • Theme settings:
    • Banner image: Upload an image as banner of your sweepstakes.
    • Banner link: input URL which banner redirects to
    • Fangate image: if users are required to "Like" your Facebook page before entering   sweepstakes, this image will be shown with a "Like" button.
sw_6c   If you want to customize sweepstakes design or its functions on your demand, please contact us.
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