Welcome Tab Installation Guide

You can set up a basic Welcome Tab for your Facebook Page by following simple steps below: Step 1:  Installation   wel-s1  
  • Add one or more Facebook Pages for installation
  • Select a specific Facebook Page to get started, then click "Configure" to continue
wel_step2cc     Step 2: Tab Settings
  • “For Fans” tab : This is the content shown to users who are fans of your Facebook Page or just after they’ve "liked" your Fanpage.
  • “For Non-Fans” tab: This is the content shown to users who haven't "liked" your Fanpage. It should be designed to showcase the curiosity of your Fanpage to users in order to attract them to become your Fans. If you don’t want to set up this tab, select “Off” option.
wel_step2d   Tab contents can be created by selecting one of the following options:
  • Image:
- Upload an image to display your tab content. - Image link: Input a website URL that you want to automatically redirect users to when they click the image.
  • HTML:
Source : Generate your content as source code using HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. - Editor   : WYSIWYG editor allows you to generate content visually by editing text/images, etc.                          Therefore, it is probably the cool option forwho are not familar with writing HTML code.
  • Iframe: Input a website URL that you want to show your tab content from. It is seen exactly as same as the website content within the chosen tab’s Iframe area.
If you want to customize tab design or its functions on your demand, please contact us.  
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