Category Research

The purposes of conducting category research are to identify what drives category discussions, where is the category discussed and who are discussing about the category. Moreover, Category research also help to understand customer insight and current perception of the market about brands within the category.


  • Audience Demographic
  • Category Insight
  • Popular sentiment drivers
  • Customer journey

Our deliverables

Total category overview

Reviewing how the category performs on social media

  • How significant is this category to others
  • Which sub-categories are dominantly discussed in the category?
  • What are the key sources of category discussions that brand should focus in?


Brands within category review

Knowing brands’ activities on social and how they are perceived.

Consumer Insights

Reviewing how the category performs on social media

  • What are top concerns by consumers?
  • What types of consumers discuss about the category? What are they looking for?
  • Which type of content that attract much engagement /attention from the consumers?
  • Demographic of people joining in discussions

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