[HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY] What do customers say about popular maternity hospitals on Social Media?


During 2017, it is observed a shift in customer awareness on Social Media, especially in health service category such as maternity or mom and baby care. The presence of new segmentation – young and trendy parents with different point of view towards hospital and healthcare service, is said to require new sufficient marketing approach for these potentials.

Let’s explore the list of top 10 popular maternity hospital on Social Media during the first 6 months of 2017, and top concerns of customers while using hospital services.

*Information is taken from Social Media Maternity Hospital Report in Quarter 1 and 2, 2017 Report, performed by professional analysts from YouNet Media, leading agency for Social Insights and Solutions in Vietnam.

Top 10 maternity hospitals on Social Media in the first half of 2017

During the tracking process among national maternity care, YouNet Media has collected and listed top 10 maternity hospitals that earn the largest amount of mentions on Social Media.

High rankings in the most mentions list belong to Public hospitals such as Tu Du hospital, Hanoi obstetrics and gynecology hospital, National hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology. These are leading hospitals with high professional skills of doctors and affordable price (starting from 2.5 million per normal delivery). There are also many topics on choosing hospital and sharing experiences about public hospitals. Moreover, these places also have trustworthy voice about medical issues such as infertility, maternity nutrition and risk management during giving birth.

Following behind are Vinmec International Hospital, Mekong Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Hong Ngoc Hospital, Hanh Phuc International Hospital and Hoan My Sai Gon Hospital. Private hospitals nowaday are new choices for middle to high-income family. Although a full natural delivery package in private hospital costs around 20 millions, it is well purchased by young couples, as this type of service provides exceptional maternity service and constantly update new delivery methodologies for pregnant women.

Discussion sources and contents about maternity hospital on Social Media

Social Media is used by pregnant women to exchange knowledge about pregnancy period, birthing experience and maternity hospital. The most popular platforms used by moms are Facebook (90%) and Forum (2.1%).

Common concerns on community Fanpages such as eDoctor, Bathing service Baby Care Viet and other hospital fanpages are check-in procedure, price and delivery packages. Online consultation services like eDoctor also play a helpful role in providing knowledge about giving birth and choosing hospital for maternity problems.

A lot of new moms as well as their family members check-in and leave reviews about hospital quality on hospital official fanpages. However, beside positive comments on hospitals and doctors, there are still many negative ones on service quality and staff attitude, from which attracts many comments and shares.  

Maternity topics also attract many discussions from Facebook Groups such as Hoi nuoi con bang sua me – Viet Nam, Hoi cac me mang thai lan dau,… Specifically, discussions are among experience on choosing hospital, mom and baby nutrition and good doctors.

Although not being listed, Facebook user’s wall posts and mentions account for more than 80% mentions on Facebook platform, in which, the two main contents are check-in during delivery period and sharing experience. Especially, extremely long and detailed posts about giving birth “first time”, “second time”, even “third time” attract hundreds to thousands interactions.

News sites about hospital, mom and baby care such as alobacsi.vn, vicare.vn, sotaychame.com, marrybaby.vn… contribute quality posts about price, procedure and experience at almost every single hospital, as well as infertility treatment, from which attract many interactions. Moreover, these sites are also guiding handbooks for many moms.

Traditional channels such as Webtretho, Lamchame, Vozforums… are the sources of many important topics. Topics about giving birth experiences and good doctors last for dozens of pages, from which indicates the needs of sharing between moms.

Main discussion topics among maternity hospital

In order to understand more about Social Media user’s concerns, YouNet Media has investigated a list of “hot” concerns about maternity hospital, as illustrated below.

Firstly, at the top concern, 73% of topics discussed are about birth delivery in hospital, including Normal delivery and Caesarean. Secondly, antenatal issues like choosing maternity clinic, doctors and prenatal class accounts for 15% discussing topics. In terms of postnatal care, customers usually choose private service; therefore, the amount of discussion about hospital goes downwards.

Although topics on infertility treatment and artificial insemination account for a small amount, they still attract many comments and shares among the community. These topics often lead to longstanding and trusting hospitals like Tu Du hospital, Hanoi obstetrics and gynecology hospital, National hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

“Rich people still cry” when talking about maternity hospital on Social Media

On one hand, being aware that birth giving is latent with many unexpected risks, pregnant women and their family take “good doctor, top hospital; with best knowledge equipped” like Tu Du hospital, Hanoi obstetrics and gynecology hospital, National hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology as their top priorities. Moreover, as a matter of fact, many difficult delivery cases have to be transferred to those top public hospitals. Therefore, many “above average” families still choose public hospital as their first option.

On the other hand, the thought that “And how many times you can give birth in your life?” drives young moms to care more about enjoying this experience. As a result, hospital with high standard infrastructure, family room, private room with air-conditioner and restroom, pain-free birthing package, doctor and staff attitudes are their prioritized cares. In this circumstance, Vinmec International Hospital, Hanh Phuc International Hospital and Hoan My Sai Gon Hospital have competitive advantages. However, price rises together with service level.

Nowadays, the quality boundary between public and private hospital is blurring. On one hand, public hospitals have invested in private building, private room with 5-star service quality, provided pain free birthing… to fulfill the needs of those young families mentioned above. On the other hand, many private hospitals invite top doctors from public ones to build trust in their customer perception.

Therefore, the key element to increase competitive advantages is “to enhance birthing experience for customer”. Once a hospital can build trust in customer’s mind, their customer not only keep coming back but also give positive comments on Social Media, which directly impacts the choice of other pregnant women.

However, there is still a decent amount of negative comments about maternity hospitals, which causes concerns for many people. Especially, cold attitude of staff and shouting patients are the most two problems of public hospital that drive dissatisfaction. Overcrowding, queuing for too long and bad sanitary condition in public hospital are the key problems that make customer unwilling to come back.

Besides, although customers have to pay much more higher in private hospital, they still may face unexpected circumstances like inexperienced doctors, wrong diagnostics or hospital not equipped with enough technologies. There are also customers' complaints about being discriminated because “they don’t look rich” by securities and staffs.

Some hospitals and clinic also face reputation crisis from medical errors or doctors’ irresponsibility, such as the case a doctor in private hospital abandoned a woman went into labor, from which made the baby about to suffer; or the case a doctor of top public hospital forgot gauze pad in patient stomach.

New perception of “modern moms” on Social Media

Higher living standards, increasing income and decreasing number of children cause a shift in pregnancy cognition for nowadays moms. They are willing to invest more money and efforts in order to have better birthing experience, as well as more sensitive with pregnancy knowledge around the world.

Birth giving days should be like a vacation (2,716 mentions): Many young couples say they did think that every hospital was the same, so they chose public hospital to save money. However, their perception has changed due to celebrities and hot moms check-ins and posts about modern room, delicious food and gifts for baby. As a result, the need of “enjoying birthing experience” has been increasing.

Having husband beside (2,015 mentions): A couple years ago, there were forum posts and news, claimed that a mom shared that her husband got into obsession by her labor scene, thus, made many pregnant women not willing to have their husband’s presence during their labor. However, “family room” nowadays is designed for those moms who want their husband to witness the labor process, to share their pain and anxiety, and to make the husbands more aware of their wives’ sacrifice.

Pain free labor, skin-to-skin contact, storing umbilical cord stem cells (1,119 mentions): It is seen that pregnant women constantly update new healthcare improvements for their babies and themselves. In many modern customer perspective, a full delivery package nowadays has to consist of pain free labor solutions like epidural and regional anesthesia, skin-to-skin contact and feeding their children with colostrum right after giving birth.

Choosing own doctor at early stage (374 mentions): Instead of relying on random doctor from hospital, many customers nowadays actively search for those who are recommended by other moms on Social Media. Choosing doctor is claimed to be as important as choosing hospital in customer’s perception.


Mentions about public hospital still accounts for an extremely large amount on Social Media due to its trust and low-price services. However, as nowadays living standard is constantly increase, many above average families have switched to private hospital in order to improve birthing experiences for both moms and babies.

Social Media is an important discussing channel as well as information resource for pregnant women for antenatal, prenatal and postnatal period. Personal Facebook pages and forums contributing many valuable mentions about birthing experience, newborn baby care, maternity hospital review and prenatal health care consultation. Review from Facebook hot moms has strong impacts towards decision-making process of future moms.

In the first half of 2017, the number of medical error is quite low. Most negative comments come from bad attitudes of hospital staffs, doctor skills and bad experiences of moms during labor. It is suggested that hospitals should actively listen and respond to their own customers to avoid unexpected medical crisis.

Information spreading on Social Media gradually builds up new perception for Vietnamese women, such as “Birth giving days should be like a vacation”, “Having husband beside” and “Pain free labor, skin-to-skin contact, storing umbilical cord stem cells”… Catching up with Social Media trends gives huge value for marketing activities and contributes to competitive advantages of hospital.

This report is examined by professional analysts from YouNet Media with data collected by SocialHeat – the only Social Listening and Marketing Intelligence System in Vietnam has the ability to automatically collect and analyze data in the most real-time and covers more than 90% information sources on Social Media.
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