Due to the fast accessibility to information, social media turns out to be the reference which is the second most reliable information source besides doctors/pharmacists for young parents having kids when they get flu. Acknowledging discussions about preventing and curing common diseases by Social listening would open such an opportunity for pharmacy and medicines brands to promote themselves on social media.


It is usually cold when it comes to November and December every year, which significantly affects to incomprehensive immunity of children. As a result, it is witnessed a rising in the number of discussion on Social Media about children’s sickness related to weather. In addition, flu ranks 4 of the total, following with over 5000 discussions. While well-trained doctors who are good at digestive or respiration are usually consulted, in terms of normal sickness such as flu or common cold, parents tend to take care of their children themselves by buying tablet without prescription. It is contend that Social Media is a reliable channel after pharmacists and doctors because of our information diverse, flexibility and direct discussing opportunities.

*Even though common cold is different from flu, users usually believe “flu” as a term of all cold sickness. Most of them discuss about common cold (over 90%) while it is accounted for 10% discussion about flu. We temporarily use “flu” in general to point out all problems of children’s sickness in order to support reader(s) to understand easier.

The main discussion group in most flu treatment meetings are women who are from 25 to 34, which comprise of 84,7%. As it is very cold in the North of Vietnam, the quantities of discussions of citizens in Northern part, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh are 75,6%, 30,3% and 13,5% respectively. Having said this, many young mothers in the Northern part, especially in Hanoi will be sensitive to flu issue of children in this period.

*The given figures are subsidized by YouNet Media which is a leading agency in terms of Social Insight & Solution in Vietnam.


On Social Media, there is a mixed variety of flu discussions. To be more extent, the most prevalent contend is insight and thorough consultations about symptoms, flu treatment and other climate change sicknesses (35%).

Besides, parents do not want their children to take an overdose of a drug so they often exchange information of folk remedies to cure flu like some formulas which contains natural ingredients such as: covering with fresh lemon or sauna etc. in order to cope with fever or “flu” (28%).

Because of the lack of truth when it comes to drug from pharmacists or health care center, lots of parents post articles on childcare pages on Facebook to find out support to use Western medicine to cure flu. They usually take drug choices, time or dosage, symptom into consideration etc. (15%).

There are many parents which are significantly influenced by Dr.Tri Doan’s “Let your children sick” view, share experiences of restricting their children not to use antipyretic medicine or antibiotic, they even do not interrupt to cure children’s sicknesses. Many mothers show a preference for downsides of these drug abuse (12%).

In this season, several articles related to vaccinate attract a range of attention from society. Mothers tend to combine flu vaccine with synflorix vaccine (preventing pneumonia). Furthermore, decreasing heat is seriously concerned because many children often get fever after vaccination (5%).

Some prominent terms related to flu on Social Media: snivel (20,3%), antibiotic (12,2%), Antipyretic action (9,2%), cajeput oil (7,8%), immune system (3,4%). This illustrates the fact that when children catch flu, first and foremost, mothers have a tendency to decrease heat and cure snivel. The utilization of cajeput oil is also an attractive topic, following with limited antibiotic and improving immunity.


Since the beginning of 2016, in addition to familiar flu medicine brands containing paracetamol such as Panadol, Tiffy…, there has been a wave of ibuprofen pain relievers and fever reducers usage with some outstanding brands, for example Nurofen, Ibuprofen… by parents on Social Media.

Particularly, the number of people discussing paracetamol medicines in Hanoi approximately equals that figure in Ho Chi Minh City (above 20%); however, the discussion regarding ibuprofen products is centred in Ho Chi Minh City (42.3%), which indicates that parents in this city are more familiar with ibuprofen flu medicines than those in Hanoi. Ibuprofen medicines are evaluated by moms to be effective in a short period of time and not as harmful as paracetamol ones (15 discussions).

Such oriental medicine brands as Ich Nhi, Cam Xuyen Huong are generally referred to in consulting posts about flu medicines for children under 1 year old or new-born babies. Since their bodies are easily sensitive and responsive to medicines, parents should be careful in choosing oriental medication with herbal ingredients in order to limit side effects.

Apart from the aforementioned brands, there have been initial discussions in terms of homeopathic medicines applied to flu prevention and treatment for children, namely Brauer, Influenzinum, etc. Nonetheless, most of these discussions still have been ambiguous and puzzled as to the effectiveness of medicines of this kind.


Personal statement: According to discussions concerning why to choose flu medicines (263 discussions). YouNet Media realizes parents have a tendency to select familiar, easy-to-find products at drug stores as well as those which are easily stored at home to use when needed. Fever reducers are normally bought for their availability in case children suddenly catch a flu (35.1%). Besides, parents base on the experience of their children’s previous medicine usage to make decision (15.5%).

Worried about the long period of their children’s sickness, parents prioritize medicines that make fast recovery (14.6%). Nevertheless, parents now take more account of medicines with a lot of natural ingredients (13.5%) and few side effects (6.9%).

Traditional and online consulting sources: Upon studying how parents find information about flu treatment for their children, 43% of parents admitted to consulting pharmacists and doctors at drug stores and health care facilities. This proves that opinions of local doctors and pharmacists are of great importance.

Furthermore, opinions of professionals in the field (pediatricians at big hospitals) also receive huge concern and attention (26%). What is worth noticing here is that the channel of approaching pediatric experts is mainly by means of social networks as these influencers usually share their experiences and knowledge on their fanpages and personal pages in a widespread way, thus inspiring a lot of parents.

 “Ask Google and Facebook when you get sick” is the right description of parents having little children who have got influenza to date. A great number of parents have found the answers related to questions about flu by posting in Facebook groups and asking on Fanpages about children (14%) as well as searching on websites about medicine and children-raising.

Types of medicine suitable for children’s tastes: The younger the children that parents have, the more “uncooperative” reactions they receive such as the children’s unwillingness to take medicines, vomit, cry… Therefore, parents have a preference for medicine kinds with sweet taste and in liquid shape like syrup (42.7%), medicinal powder (37.2%) and only 7,5% of them use pills. Also, there are other types of medicines, for example gummies, homeopathic medicines but not considerably discussed.


Overall, Pharmaceutical brands for curing kid flu have not involved much on social media, especially when Facebook restrains pharmaceutical advertisements on its social platform Yet, YouNet Media still sees some “golden” opportunities that Pharmaceutical brands should grasp right away.

Social media users are “hungry” for online consultation from doctors: Consultation and advice from doctors are saved by parents for next time uses, and spread out to other parents, which presents an actual influence of reliable medical specialists on social media.

For example: An online consultation post on Ích Nhi Facebook Fanpage received a lot of comments and shares. This is a pharmaceutical brand spending significantly on Social media content..

Moms are really open to perceive new opinions of medicine: The trend of using flu medicine containing ibuprofen, homeopathic, as well as influenza and Synflorix vaccine, “increase fever to decrease fever”, “wrap towels around calves”… have gained a lot of concerns from parent groups on social media. The brands which “regularly listen” to the trends will receive many precious suggestions to create more useful and natural engaging content on their Facebook Fanpages.

Influencers/KOLs for pharmaceutical industry are the ones deciding the trend: Discussions about curing flu for kids on Social media all have the professions’ own marks, for example “Để con được ốm (Let your child be sick) is used in a casual way, taken from with the same-named book title of Doctor Tri Doan’s (400 mentions), or just a video in which Doctor Collin guides how to clean kids’ noses attracted nearly 24,000 interactions, that makes mom want to learn. So, as can be seen from the data, influencer is an effective channel to promote brands on social media in the area of “limited Advertising” or “Advertising Allergy”.

Consultation strength of “mom and kid” groups on Facebook: Consultation group about raising kids of moms have hundreds of members and over 10 posts per day (in specific, content talking about flu already get discussed by over 20 Facebook groups of moms with little kids). This is such a great chance for pharmaceutical brands to reach and advise for medicine buyers. Of course, providing useful information, natural or promoting for consultation events will create more significant effects than normally simple spam and seeding.

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