Social Influencers Evaluation

In Vietnam, Influencer Marketing is now an important part of Social Media Marketing; it may even become an anchor for marketers trying to navigate around the scourge of ad blocking and bot fraud today. With YouNet Social Influencers solution, it is easy to make a list of KOLs, Influencers who give good impacts to your brand reputation, to increase and boost brand awareness.


  • Automatic ranking of “influence score” based on true Post Engagement of all users
  • Mornitoring a list of Influencers, Real-time alert post from Influencers
  • Measurement of Brand Replacement Ratio to evaluate effectiveness after campaign
  • Real time detection most negative sources, positive sources from Social Users

Our deliverables

Buzz volume of Campaign

YouNet Media provides a list of influencers on social (Key Opinion Leaders – KOLs) that match Brand’s target audience by methodology defined as below:

  • Based on advanced social profiling system, YouNet Media will indentify a list of profiles in Vietnam from 30,000,000 Facebook users whose fans & followers mostly match the target audience of brand. This group is ranked by engagement score average: like, share, comment.
  • From the top KOLs group, eliminate the KOLs which does not match with the Brand territory.
  • From the group collected, figure out those whose followers cover at least 80% of target audience. This optimal list will be updated on quarterly basis for better KOLs.

KOL Evaluation

Constantly update performance ranking of known KOLs. Key evaluation metrics include a wide range of measurement from the basic engagement stastistic to deep dive into sentiment of discussion, such as:

  • Frequent of creating content.
  • Volume of social buzz generated.
  • Number of friend & follower.
  • Demographic of recent-egaged-fans to KOLs’ page.
  • Basic engagement score per commercial / non-commercial post (likes / shares / comments).
  • Rating relevancy ratio to comments on commercial post (see if the comment related to the promoted program or just comment about the KOLs).

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